Scientific fact: Obeya positively impacts the ability to understand and communicate information

Now that we’ve lost our ability to get together in a room and have high quality human interaction that supports our decision-making, we must look for other ways of collaborating. Using virtual Obeya might be a solution to that. It’s nice when you don’t have to take our word for it but evidence presents itself 🙂 More and more study is being done on the effectiveness and use of Obeya. One of them is a study from Norway by A. Alassaar in 2017.

In the research different applications of Obeya have been tested and it is proven that Obeya “positively impacts the ability to understand and communicate information”. In that sense it greatly provides what we need. Let’s assume non-verbal communication is indeed a large part of the message, then in times of social distancing we need to compensate for that!

That’s exactly the essential part of what we’re trying to achieve in the Obeya (albeit physical or virtual): to share context visually so we can make better decisions more effectively. Good to know that the teams I see that have started on their journey are not just enthusiastic because their Obeya looks really cool, but because it actually makes a difference!

Interested in the research? Read the original thesis: https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/41d3/86dcb800b86f20e9dd2e69cad90bb9c38a27.pdf

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