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Obeya Association Content Use

Thank you for your interest in the Obeya Association content and training modules. We are constantly developing and testing our content and we encourage you to use our materials.

We learn a lot through our international network of Obeya Associates and we share all of our lessons. Our aim is to accelerate our collective learning on Obeya practice, skills and habits.


The Obeya Association materials are intended to support persons that are teaching, practicing or interested in Obeya”

All content is licensed under Creative Commons

All Obeya Association material is licensed under Creative Commons, an easy way to manage copyright terms. The Creative Commons copyright licenses forge a balance inside the traditional “all rights reserved” setting that copyright law creates.

Obeya Book and Training Modules

The booklet “Obeya – by the Obeya Association” can be downloaded by anyone. It is an executive summary of our most important Obeya learnings.  

Our main Obeya content contains three training modules and is available for associates only:

  1. Obeya Fundamentals Training Module 
  2. Obeya Host Training Module
  3. Obeya Builder Training Module

The modules contain both training material as well as extensive theoretical content. They are available for Obeya Associates in the Obeya document library when logged in.

As an Obeya Associate, you are free to copy and use these materials for noncommercial purposes only as long as you note the source and copyright.

Are you interested in our content commercially? Great! 

You are more than welcome to participate in enriching the ecosystem and contributing to sustainable and inclusive decision-making by becoming a partner of the Obeya Association.

Our Partners

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With the global adoption of Obeya on the rise, there has never been a better time to join the Obeya training partner network. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to grow your business whilst building a better world for future generations. 

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