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  • Carl

    Oct 4, 2020 at 10:27 am

    We’ve been building our vision of a Virtual Reality Project Management Office / Obeya.

    A Virtual Reality Obeya Environment is a near realistic representation of the physical Visual Performance Management Boards, but better.

    The Virtual Reality Environment keeps up to date with any changes in metrics. If a sheet is swapped out on the physical board, then this is also replicated in the Virtual Environment, instantly.

    All of the boards are laid out in the Virtual Reality Environment, mirroring the exact layout of the physical environment. If the Project Management Office or Obeya doesn’t exist yet then the Virtual Reality PMO/Obeya Environment provides the opportunity to create a virtual one from scratch.

    There are also some great features that make the Virtual Reality Environment standout. The first of these is the ability to provide enhanced data for adding content to a performance metric. [eg. Click on the Quality sheet – see that there was a quality incident – click again to show a video of the incident] Enhanced data can be linked to digital assets bringing in contextual and depth of information at the point of need, resulting in much better decision making.

    When you enter the Virtual Reality Environment you can immediately see which Performance Management Boards have quality or process problems by checking the Andon system. A green light on the board means we’re all good. A red light indicates a problem and highlights to the user that there is a specific area of interest.

    We have also built-in some great multi-person features. If you want to hold a huddle or meeting at a board simply invite your team into your Virtual Reality PMO Environment and run your meeting from there.

    Armed with a suitable headset costing less than a tablet device, any team member can explore the Virtual Reality PMO Environment, or participate in a Virtual Reality daily, weekly or monthly meeting, from any location in the World.

    We are working on version 3 of our VR Obeya/Project Management Office. The wish list of features grows each time we demo this to a new group, lol, but we are confident that we have enough features now to move from our trials to a live project. We see huge potential in this sector and welcome all feedback.

    What do you guys think?

    I will share some additional information.

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