• Tim

    Jul 22, 2020 at 11:23 am

    I understand and agree with your concern.

    VR is currently quite far out for Obeya, but I think if you look at how tools like Mural and iObeya are setup is that you create groups of people with different type of access rights (e.g. view, edit, facilitator or owner). As such you can greate a group (I think in some tools you can even link it to your Active Directory) for your department and then people get the appropriate rights.

    Probably the bigger challenge is: if the walls are not permanently there, that means there is a barrier to summon the information in the Obeya. And that for me would be the first problem, because it would mean people have to consciously put up their VR gear, load the Obeya they want to see and then step into it. That’s a very different user journey than if the same Obeya would be permanently positioned in an open space close to where the work happens.

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