31 May, 2024

Obeya Fundamentals

Obeya Fundamentals training virtual

The Obeya Fundamentals training is the ideal start to working with Obeya and to gain inspiration. This one-day training covers the basics of what an Obeya is. The training is intended to help you on your journey with the help of practical instruments such as the Obeya focus scan. The Obeya is a physical or digital space where strategy and execution meet.

The Obeya approach creates alignment and ownership among diverse stakeholder groups to solve complex problems, drive cultural change and get work done. It’s not just a facilitating style – it’s a way of working, thinking, designing solutions and driving innovation. Included in the training is an Obeya Fundamentals Accreditation from the Obeya Association.

Is this training suitable for me?
The Obeya Fundamentals training is the right choice for you if:

  • you want to know more about Obeya and gain inspiration;

  • you want to introduce Obeya into your working environment;

  • you want to know exactly what to pay attention to when starting an Obeya;

  • you want to obtain the Obeya Fundamentals Accreditation

Learning objectives
The training covers the basic principles of Obeya. A brief overview of the program is:

  • What is an Obeya;

  • Why Obeya;

  • The 11 Obeya Principles;

  • Obeya roles;

  • Obeya methods;

  • Obeya meetings;

  • Obeya Management System;

  • Obeya implementation


What do I get?
In addition to a five-star experience from us, you will also receive help during the training to become (even) better in your role. This includes:


  • One year of access to our online learning environment: Your source of information for everything related to the training;

  • During the training, everything will be arranged for you: your parking costs will be reimbursed, you will receive a luxurious personal Prowareness notebook, lunch will be provided and extra snacks and drinks will be offered to keep you energetic and fit during the day;

  • A trainer accredited by the Obeya Association with thorough practical experience who provides the training;

  • All teaching materials used in the learning environment: Presentations, photos of created flip charts


The training is in preparation for the Obeya Fundamentals exam. The exam can be taken online and in your own time. Upon successful completion of the exam, you will receive the Obeya Fundamentals certification from the Obeya Association.

You can register directly using the registration form below. The costs per participant are €895, including everything stated under the heading What do I get? on this page. Do you have any questions? You may find the answer you are looking for on our frequently asked questions page. If not, you can also contact us directly.


This amount is exempt from sales tax on the basis of CRKBO registration applicable under Article 11-1-o sub 2 of the Sales Tax Act 1968.