Our Vision for Obeya

Our Vision for Obeya

Using the Obeya as focal point, the Obeya Association aims to develop a consistent approach that: 

  • Supports effective pursuit of strategic goals,
  • Achieves team alignment,
  • Promotes coherent, purposeful action,
  • And helps deliver meaningful results across the organization.
Obeya Room in action

The Obeya approach develops Shared Leadership using:

  1. Visual management,
  2. Specific rhythms and routines
  3. Principles for thinking and acting, throughout the organization

The Obeya Association is an industry recognized Obeya Centre of Expertise that aims to develop the concept of Obeya: ‘from tool to philosophy’. We are a community of Obeya practitioners, discussing, creating, sharing, testing and continuously improving Obeya practices.

“The world needs powerful practices in order to tackle its current challenges. Today even more so, due to social distancing and remote working. Aligning the efforts of operational teams is a vital prerequisite for successful strategy execution. Operational teams often experience lack of alignment and lack of support. People are more and more aspiring work that is meaningful. Obeya can take us to the next level.”

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