Purpose | Mission | Vision

Purpose | Mission | Vision

The Obeya Association is a community (or “Association”) where Obeya knowledge is developed and experiences are shared. Our platform accommodates a home for Obeya practitioners worldwide. 

We aim to provide all practitioners with the means necessary to work with Obeya effectively (read more on how to use the content here). Providing practical Obeya knowledge and inspiring people to start with Obeya. The ultimate aim is to contribute to sustainable and inclusive decision making, benefitting a world in which organizations positively contribute to their surroundings.

Our Purpose

Create conscious organizations capable to build a better world for future generations

Our Mission

A community of Obeya professionals that help organizations set up Obeya’s that lead to sustainable and inclusive decisions.

  • Dedicated and motivated Obeya professionals

  • A vibrant international Obeya ‘friends of friends’ community/platform where Obeya professionals can help each other out and experiences can be shared

  • Professional & personal growth through valuable and practical Obeya content

Our Vision

With the world growing increasingly complex and the stakes higher than ever before, organizations need a business philosophy that help them deal with said challenges. 

Obeya proposes to include perspectives and information sources, devote resources for preparedness and build up empirical data when moving into the necessary unknowns that will shape our future. Organizations need the horizontal connections that Obeya creates, so we can learn and adapt as a collective.

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