About the Obeya Association

The Obeya Association is an international community (or “Association”) where Obeya knowledge is developed and experiences are shared. Our platform obeya-association.com accommodates a home for Obeya practitioners worldwide.

We aim to provide all practitioners with the means necessary to work with Obeya effectively. Providing professional parties with practical Obeya training materials and Obeya toolkits to promote professional development in the field of Obeya.

The Obeya Association guards high professional quality standards through accreditation and examination.

Our ultimate aim is to contribute to sustainable and inclusive decision making, benefitting a world in which organizations positively contribute to their surroundings.

Community Obeya Association

Founders of the Obeya Association

Dolf Reijnders & Bart Bongers

Purpose Obeya Association

Our Purpose

‘Create conscious organizations capable to build a better world for future generations.’

Obeya Association Mission

Our Mission

A community of Obeya professionals that help organizations set up Obeya’s that lead to sustainable and inclusive decisions.

  • Dedicated and motivated Obeya professionals

  • A vibrant international Obeya ‘friends-of-friends’ platform where Obeya professionals can help each other out and experiences can be shared

  • Professional & personal growth through valuable and practical Obeya content

Obeya Purpose

Our Vision

With the world growing increasingly complex and the stakes higher than ever before, organizations need a business philosophy that help them deal with said challenges.

Obeya proposes to include perspectives and information sources, devote resources for preparedness and build up empirical data when moving into the necessary unknowns that will shape our future. Organizations need the horizontal connections that Obeya creates, so we can learn and adapt as a collective.

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1 percent for the planet

We donate 1% of our turnover to environmental protection

“To positively change the environment with donations from companies.” This is the declared motto of 1% for the Planet. In 2002, the two owners of the clothing company Patagonia founded the international organization and thus make an important contribution to the maintenance of the environment.

The network now works with nearly 4,000 audited non-profit environmental protection organizations around the world. Over 1,600 companies are already part of the campaign, including us. Find out more on onepercentfortheplanet.org

“1% of all Obeya Association admission fees goes to organizations we believe in“

Our commitment

Obeya is considered a sustainable management practice or sustainable decision model. Therefore Obeya contributes to a world in which our organizational decisions positively resonate towards the world around us.
We are committed to donating 1% of our revenue to organizations we believe in. Every. Single. Year. Your admission fee allows us to donate directly to non-profit environmental protection organizations around the world.

Obeya Association Content Use

Thank you for your interest in the Obeya Association content and training modules. We are constantly developing and testing our content and we encourage you to use our materials.

We learn a lot through our international network of Obeya Associates and we share all of our lessons. Our aim is to accelerate our collective learning on Obeya practice, skills and habits.

“The Obeya Association materials are intended to support persons that are teaching, practicing or interested in Obeya”

All content is licensed under Creative Commons

All Obeya Association material is licensed under Creative Commons, an easy way to manage copyright terms. The Creative Commons copyright licenses forge a balance inside the traditional “all rights reserved” setting that copyright law creates.

Why choose the Obeya Association?

By becoming an Obeya partner you will become part of something that’s bigger than you or your organisation. You will help create conscious organizations capable to build a better world for future generations.