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About Obeya

Obeya is a system, a concept, a philosophy, defined by a particular set of ideas (“Obeya principles”) used for inclusive and sustainable decision making.

An Obeya is a physical or digital workspace where strategy meets execution. Typical about Obeya is that it guides both behavior as well as a work environment design. It creates a so called “single source of truth”.

OBEYA - by the Obeya Association

About the Obeya Association

The Obeya Association is the heart of all that is Obeya. A platform and a worldwide network promoting the use of Obeya methods professionally and constantly expanding the Obeya knowledge base. We are devoted to making effective Obeya practice accessible for all. 

Obeya is considered a sustainable management practice or sustainable decision model. Therefore Obeya contributes to a world in which our organizational decisions positively resonate towards the world around us.

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The Obeya Association is a platform and a worldwide network that aims to share knowledge on Obeya easier than before. We aim to develop Obeya “from tool to philosophy”. We are a community of Obeya practitioners, discussing, creating, sharing, testing and continuously improving Obeya practices.

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iObeya Enterprise Visual Management Platform for Lean and Agile companies

Dolf Reijnders & Bart Bongers, founders of the Obeya Association, explain todays’ relevance of Obeya to foster Sustainable & Inclusive decision making in organizations.

Exclusive tips from Author Tim Wiegel on how to set up an effective Obeya. Improve your leadership system through this educating video.


Leading With Obeya - Maximizing human leadership potential

By Tim Wiegel

Everyone Obeya - Strategically connected and predictable improvement (Dutch)

By Jeroen Janssen


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