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About Obeya

Obeya is a system, a concept, a philosophy, defined by a particular set of ideas (“Obeya principles”) used for inclusive and sustainable decision making.

An Obeya is a physical or digital workspace where strategy meets execution. Typical about Obeya is that it guides both behavior as well as a work environment design. It creates a so called “single source of truth”.

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As Obeya Association we offer the first independent Obeya accreditation in the world. All materials are developed by and for Obeya Professionals.

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With the global adoption of Obeya on the rise, there has never been a better time to join the Obeya partner network to grow your business.

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About the Obeya Association

The Obeya Association is the heart of all that is Obeya. We are a home to the international Obeya community and the only independent Obeya certification in the world.

We assure quality standards in the field of professional Obeya development. Why, you ask? Because Obeya contributes to sustainable and inclusive decision making, while also getting things done. And that is indispensable for building a brighter future.

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The Obeya Association is a community, a platform and a worldwide network. We aim to develop Obeya “from tool to philosophy”. We are Obeya practitioners; discussing, creating, sharing, testing and continuously improving Obeya practices and quality standards. We develop meaningful training materials and provide professional Obeya examination.

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“The Obeya Fundamentals training module really will kickstart us in taking our first steps in setting up an Obeya. The course is super practical and insightful at once!”

Juriaan Petter, Senior Transformation manager

As an experienced consultant & trainer, I use Obeya Fundamentals to guide and implement Obeya (portfolio’s) at my clients

Wanda IJsselsteijn, Managing Partner The Value Office

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