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With the global adoption of Obeya on the rise, there has never been a better time to join the Obeya training partner network. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to grow your business whilst building a better world for future generations.

The opportunity to become an Obeya Training Partner

By becoming an Obeya Training Partner your impact on the future of organizations will increase dramatically. You will help create conscious organizations capable to build a better world for future generations. Come join us!

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Grow your business

Benefit from the growing demand for Obeya training, coaching and consulting services

Engage with clients

Our platform is tailored to create client engagements and strategic partnerships for our training partners

Obeya Certification

Accredited training

Direct access to accredited Obeya Training content, digital Obeya training rooms, Obeya toolkits & more!

Obeya Coach Network

Global network

Exclusive access to our global partner community, Obeya events and the renowned WorldWide Obeya Summit

Your clients are part of our community

Our active Business Members community consists of conscious and capable organizations that speed up their learning cycles with Obeya, sharing their best practices along the way

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How the Obeya trainer model works

With Obeya on the rise, there is a growing demand for professional development and quality training standards for Obeya Professionals. Together with our partners we have developed quality training content, professional Obeya accreditation and examination for training partners and Obeya Professionals.

We provide a train-the-trainer program to bring our training partners to the Obeya Coach level. Obeya Coaches are certified Builder, Host and Fundamentals trainers with specific didactical skills. Equipped with a state-of-the-art Obeya toolkit, Obeya Coaches have all they need to train Obeya professionals.

Obeya Association Trainingpartner Content Package

We provide our training partners with both physical and digital training materials to secure the best learning experience for your clients!

Why choose the Obeya Association?

By becoming an Obeya training partner you will become part of something that’s bigger than you or your organization. You will help create conscious organizations capable to build a better world for future generations.

As an Obeya training partner you will receive:

  • Professional training content: physical & digital high quality training materials, training guidance and exams

  • Obeya coaching toolkit: digital Obeya training rooms, Obeya maturity models and more

  • Exclusive access: to our global community, meetups, events and mentoring network

  • Global outreach: online presence and lead generation on our platform

Obeya accreditation program

An Obeya Coach is educated to maximize the positive impact of the group of Obeya professionals surrounding him/her. Obeya Coaches are on the forefront of best practices and most recent developments. In turn, they receive mentoring from their Obeya Sensei, connecting them to the worldwide Obeya network.

Obeya certification curriculum

One of the key pillars of the Obeya Association is to provide a certification curriculum designed for Obeya practitioners to develop and strengthen their Obeya skills and mindset.

The certification curriculum encompasses five levels: Fundamentals, Builder, Host, Coach and Sensei. The curriculum enables you to act as a professional Obeya practitioner with proven knowledge and experience.

Obeya Fundamentals Training

Obeya Fundamentals Curriculum

Obeya Builder Training

Obeya Builder Curriculum

Obeya Host Training

Obeya Host Curriculum

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