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The yearly Obeya Summit is the only professional Obeya event in the world. The world’s leading Obeya and industry experts share practical and case-oriented knowledge. Get ready to boost your Obeya practice according to the newest insights! 



Amsterdam -
Venue to be announced

Date & Time

September 22nd 2023
9PM - 5PM


To be announced

Disclaimer: date & location mentioned above can be subject to change

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Over 250 attendees from 41 countries loved last year's Obeya Summit!​

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Dolf Reijnders & Bart Bongers, founders of the Obeya Association, explain their mission, driven by purpose. 

By bridging Obeya back to its origins we learn about the deep philosophical essence from decades of Obeya use and centuries of practice in the Art of Management.

In this video, recorded at the Worldwide Obeya Summit 2022, author and expert in Effectiveness Jim Benson reveals how Obeya transcends Lean, Kanban and Agile as a means to experience work together.

“If you want to have real change, you have to change real people” Obeya expert and strategic advisor Roelof Douwstra reveals valuable insights in how to use Obeya to facilitate change within top management. Because organizations don’t change. People do.

In this educational video packed with practical tips and insigths, Mark Marijnissen explains how to develop your skill at Obeya Hosting to cultivate meeting habits, that transform insight to action.

“We see together. We know together. We act together” Lean Process Improvement expert Patrick Downey takes you along the journey of Kimberly Clark building its culture of transparency and continuous improvement . If you are keen to learn from real life footage on Obeya in practice, this video is for you.