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Explore the world of Obeya by participating in one of our events, where you will have the unique opportunity to learn from leading experts in the field. By participating, you will not only gain invaluable insights and improve your Obeya skills, but also connect with like-minded professionals who share your passion for continuous improvement.

Designed to cater to a wide range of interests and skill levels, these events offer something for everyone. Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to increase your understanding of Obeya, expand your network and contribute to the growth of this transformative methodology.

Obeya Summit

Upcoming Obeya events

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Live Obeya Summit 2024

The Obeya Summit is the only worldwide professional event dedicated to Obeya practices. Now in its 2nd edition, this event uniquely focuses on uniting people worldwide to learn and share insights about Obeya.

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Available worldwide

Date & Time
March 22nd 2024 1PM – 5PM (CET, UTC +1)

Japan Obeya Study Tour

Japan Obeya Study Tour

A week filled with company visits showcasing real Obeya use cases and best practices. The visits include Toyota and the Toyota Management Institute and profoundly change your understanding of how Obeya can best deliver value for your organization. The diversity of our group (discussions) make this experience highly interactive and fun.

Tokyo, Japan + few other cultural surprises

Date & Time
May 26 – June 2 2024

Open Obeya Café

In the Open Obeya Café we solve and discuss Obeya challenges within the group. The concept of a mastermind will be at the heart of the Obeya event. Each month, one or more members of our community will introduce a problem or challenge they are facing in their own work. The rest of us will then have the opportunity to share our ideas and expertise to help solve the problem at hand.

Online (Obeya Community Only)

Date & Time
Each last Friday of the month 12AM – 1PM

Join the Obeya Association

The Obeya Association is a community, a platform and a worldwide network. We aim to develop Obeya “from tool to philosophy”. We are Obeya practitioners; discussing, creating, sharing, testing and continuously improving Obeya practices and quality standards. We develop meaningful training materials and provide professional Obeya examination.

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