Kickstart your Obeya with the Fundamentals Training Module

With the global adoption of Obeya on the rise, there has never been a better time to boost your Obeya skills.

Download the free Obeya Fundamentals training module that contains all the information to take the Obeya Fundamentals Exam.

Price exam: € 150,-
Included: 1 yr free* membership (worth €75,-)

*In registering for your membership you will be asked to donate € 1,- to one of the foundations we support. We hope you don’t mind :-).

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Download the free Obeya Fundamentals training module.

Obeya Fundamentals Training

What you’ll learn inside?

  • Gain understanding about the principles and philosophy behind Obeya

  • Apply methods and tools to get started with Obeya yourself

  • Learn all information needed to take the Obeya Fundamentals Exam

  • Your initial step in your journey to officially become Obeya Builder, Host, Coach and/or Training Partner

Give yourself a Kickstart!

Obeya Fundamentals Exam is an open book exam that tests your understanding of the basic principles. Training is advised, but not required. Feel confident? You can take the exam straight away. 

  • FREE Obeya Fundamentals training module

  • Earn your much wanted Obeya Fundamentals certificate & badge

  • 1 year €75 Obeya Association membership included for € 1

Obeya Fundamentals Training Module

Elevate your career by enrolling in the Obeya Fundamentals Module, a course designed to help you start your Obeya journey. As the demand for Obeya expertise grows worldwide, mastering the fundamentals will give you a competitive advantage in the job market.

This course equips you with essential knowledge and tools needed to effectively implement and manage Obeya, paving the way for career development and professional growth in an increasingly in-demand field.

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Don’t just take our word for it

Hear what Obeya practitioners say

“The Obeya Fundamentals training module really will kickstart us in taking our first steps in setting up an Obeya. The course is super practical and insightful at once!”

Juriaan Petter, Senior Transformation manager

As an experienced consultant & trainer, I use Obeya Fundamentals to guide and implement Obeya (portfolio’s) at my clients

Wanda IJsselsteijn, Managing Partner The Value Office

Download the free Obeya Fundamentals training module