About us

About us

Tim Wiegel

Author of “Leading with Obeya”, Obeya Coach & Trainer and founder of Obeya-Coaching.nl.

Jeroen Janssen

Author of “Everyone Obeya” and Obeya expert. Currently working as Manager ICT at the Dutch Ministry of Finance.

Dolf Reijnders

Dolf has years of experience in building revolutionary Obeya’s across multiple industries at AgileWalls.nl.
AgileWalls Obeya’s typically have a strong connection between digital and analog/physical.
Digital Obeya’s available on MURAL, Miro and MS Whiteboards. Currently also experimenting with VR obeya.
Also Co-founder of Flock Shared Leadership and the Dutch “Vuurvogels” (Phoenix) foundation.

Bart Bongers

Co-founder of Flock Shared Leadership, AgileWalls and the VuurVogels foundation.

From the founders

Multiple discovery is a term used when similar ideas pop up at the same time but in different places.
So when the time is right, floating ideas just choose a vessel through which they can be born. So much for taking credit for brilliant ideas, right?

As founders of the Obeya Association, we feel we got connected through such a multiple discovery. We all came from different directions, yet we share a similar idea.
We think that Obeya deserves to be more than a tool.
A philosophy by itself perhaps.
A missing piece in the Organizational Theory puzzle.
A way to deal with the challenges ahead.
And with full potential to outgrow its status as tool within the Lean toolbox.

We all experience flaws in current organizational theory that can’t be fixed using traditional methods.
The future grows in complexity. And it’s speeding up. We see people and organizations caught in the middle.
And meanwhile Mother Earth is asking us to make better choices.
Obeya might just be able to help us overcome these challenges.

But to get there, Obeya needs:

  • A unified theoretical framework that provides a solid foundation from which countless expressions and experiments can be formed. Instead of boxing it in.
  • A “home” for practitioners. A place where like-minded and disagreeing people can find each other. Building the philosophy as we go and exchanging information and experience in the process.

The Obeya Association is trying to do just that. And you are very welcome.

Questions about Obeya’s? Suggestions? Need help? Please get in touch.

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