Obeya Principles

Obeya Principles

#1 In the Obeya, we communicate a strong sense of purpose
#2 Purpose is recognizably tied to our organizational strategy through meaningful objectives
#3 The Obeya connects strategy to execution with visible orientation on customer experience
#4 The Obeya meetings have a rhythm in sync with the operational heartbeat of the organization
#5 The Obeya visuals provide a logical and practical information and conversation flow
#6 The Obeya reflects a good understanding of the flow of work from start to delivery
#7 The Obeya is an attractive and available area, in proximity to the workfloor
#8 In the Obeya, we use analytics-driven-evidence to make business decisions
#9 Data owners ensure information is easy to consume, readily available, up to date, and visually attractive
#10 People come together in the Obeya to respectfully see, learn & act on vital information
#11 People are committed to engage in continuous improvement, resolving obstacles along the way

The 11 Obeya Principles

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  • Guidelines for forming an Obeya
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The 11 principles summarised

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