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With Obeya on the rise, there is a growing demand for professional development and quality training for Obeya Professionals. There has never been a better time boost your skills become a certified Obeya professional.

Our accredited training partners are carefully selected and provide a range of training opportunities suited to your specific needs.

As Obeya Association we are the internationally acclaimed market standard and offer the only independent Obeya accreditation in the world. All materials are developed by and for Obeya Professionals.

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Obeya Fundamentals Training

Obeya Fundamentals training

The Obeya Fundamentals practitioner knows what an Obeya is, how to use it and has obtained practical knowledge and instruments to get started with Obeya.

The Obeya Fundamentals training module contains all information you need to pass the exam. Download the Obeya Fundamentals training module here and get ready for the exam!

Obeya Builder Training

Obeya Builder training

The Obeya builder has demonstrated proficiency to visually translate strategy to execution to improve speed, focus and overview in decision-making and operations.

Rise on the ranks of the professional Obeya development path by following builder training course with our affiliated training partners.

Obeya Host Training

Obeya Host training

The Obeya Host has demonstrated proficiency in aiding the Obeya group processes and development. Obeya Hosts are able to turn learnings into sustainable decisions through informed conversation.

Rise on the ranks of the professional Obeya development path by following host training course with our affiliated training partners.

Give yourself a Kickstart!

Obeya Fundamentals Exam is an open book exam that tests your understanding of the basic principles. Training is advised, but not required. Feel confident? You can take the exam straight away. 

  • FREE Obeya Fundamentals training module

  • Earn your much wanted Obeya Fundamentals certificate & badge

  • 1 year €75 Obeya Association membership included for € 1

Obeya Coach or Sensei

An Obeya Coach educates Obeya professionals. The Obeya coach masters all the skills from the Obeya Builder and Host modules and is able to transfer these skills to other Obeya professionals. Obeya Coaches have unlimited access to an Obeya toolkit, including exclusive Obeya training modules, the Obeya Maturity Scan and an online Obeya training environment. The toolkit is specifically designed to guide entire organizations and coach larger groups of other Obeya professionals. The Obeya Coach is able to inspire, guide and implement Obeya’s within organizations.

If you are interested in becoming part of the Obeya Coach network, please feel invited to get in touch with us. Become an Obeya Coach to lead the upcoming worldwide Obeya movement!

Obeya Sensei’s are few in kind and lead the evolution of the Obeya practice worldwide and shape the future of organizing. They have exceptional wisdom and expertise and are an authority both within and outside of the community.

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Download the free Obeya Fundamentals training module