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  1. Hi,

    Nice stuff, already using Obeya for a while here. The other day we were thinking wrt virtual Obeya the option to have it VR-proof. E.g. App with glasses like you’re actually in the room.. any idea whether such solution exists already?

  2. Hi Johan,
    In the simplest way possible: you can use Windows Mixed Reality to add JPG files of your metrics, etc. and add them to a wall in your room. But obviously it wasn’t built for that so quality is too low to actually work with the information on the walls. Then again it does look kind of cool in a geeky way 😉
    But if you do build a virtual Obeya you’ll likely end up feeling very lonely as multi-user virtual Obeya is still a while away. Instead I’d suggest looking at augmented Obeya options, of which I know a number of experiments are going on in terms of how to display information and enrich that using a screen or glass.
    In fact, Dolf and Bart from Agilewalls have a cool demo on their website:
    In the somewhat near future I expect to see more augmented than virtual reality options for Obeya, as with virtual Obeya you’d miss out on the richness of human (non-)verbal interaction.